The Breakout Method

Our insight-based pedagogy and instructional design emphasizes the importance of developing critical thinking and discourse skills. 

1. Engaging Content

Passively reading long passages from a textbook or other source—encourages the rote memorization of information.

Scenario-based learning applies concepts to real world situations, driving critical thinking and making them more memorable.

We distill learning into key segments—each driving to a critical decision—and deliver them to students in online breakout rooms through immersive multimedia. This puts students “in the moment” together.


Of Gen Z prefers learning via multimedia to traditional textbooks.


2. Peer-Led Discussion Groups

Once students have experienced a scene leading to a decision point, they are prompted to deliberate and defend their positions.

There is no better way to develop critical-thinking skills than to practice live discussion and debate.

For over a century, independent schools have used the Harkness method, where students engage in discussions with minimal teacher intervention to encourage independent thinking. However, it has mostly been relegated to institutions with small class sizes.


Studies show active learning is more effective for every kind of student.


3. AI Assessment

Traditional essay assessments fall short in an AI world and are tedious to grade.

We give professors a better way to assess students. Our AI runs a transcript of their breakout discussions against a grading rubric designed to measure the learning objectives of the case. All of our rubrics apply Bloom’s taxonomy to assess the depth of the students’ understanding.

Professors gain deep insight into their students' preparation and commentary before they come to class, leading to deeply engaging and powerful in-class discussions.


Of students using AI on assignments believe it is cheating but do it anyway.


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