The Future of
Education Is Bright

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At Breakout Learning, we're confronting a stark reality...

Discourse is dead.

We live in a time when meaningful conversations are rare and undermined by a relentless tide of misinformation on social media. Our ability to think critically is dwindling and we're becoming ever more polarized.

This is a direct result of changes in our educational system. As classrooms expanded, the intimate, thought-provoking discussions that once defined learning were sidelined. The necessity to manage education at scale led to a shift towards textbooks and scantron tests, which prioritized memorization over analytical reasoning.

Now with virtually infinite information at our fingertips, the need for memorization has diminished, but our need for critical thinking is stronger than ever.

Breakout Learning envisions a new path. We believe that AI can be a powerful tool to revive the lost art of conversation and evaluation at scale.

As both a modern publisher and the AI-powered platform for small-group discussions, Breakout Learning is launching a new era in education. Our content is crafted to ignite meaningful small-group discussions, evaluated by AI. This method offers professors AI-driven insights that excite students and enhance lectures. Students engage in a learning journey that not only educates but also inspires critical thinking and peer-to-peer interaction.

“At Breakout Learning, we are bringing together the best minds in instructional design, artificial intelligence and content development to create something magical.”

Ramit Varma, CEO Breakout Learning

Built by a Team of World-Class Educators and Innovators

Held to the Highest Standards by Our Academic Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of world renowned business school professors. Each practice leader spearheads the curriculum for our innovative format and collaborates with a team of case authors to bring it to life, working in lockstep with our talented instructional designers and creative teams.

Recognized for Shaping the Future of Education Technology

We are deeply honored to be recognized as leaders in the constantly evolving EdTech industry. We are committed to maintaining this esteemed position through ongoing innovation, relentless dedication to excellence, and a steadfast focus on meeting the evolving needs of educators and learners worldwide.
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