Webinar Highlights: Professors Discuss Case Study Transformation

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Excerpts from the February 8 conversation between Breakout Learning Chief Content Officer Steven Walters and professors Olav Sorenson, Ph.D, and Noah Askin, Ph.D.

Panelists explore how integrating AI, academic insight, and storytelling boosts student engagement and enriches the classroom experience. View the full-length recording here.

Modernizing the Case Study Method

A professor walks through a new technology-driven approach to case studies.


What Makes a Great Case Study

Professor Sorenson reveals the key ingredients for impactful case studies: academic rigor and storytelling!


Students Prefer the New Learning Format

Students appreciate the real-world aspect of facing challenges as they arise during the story as well as not having to do case write-ups.


Benefits of Taking an Episodic Approach to Cases

Professors like how Breakout’s instructional design enables greater focus on learning objectives.


Touring the Professor Portal

AI reporting gives professors a window into students’ small-group discussions and comprehension.


AI Empowering Professors in the Classroom

Professor Sorenson explains how AI helps him lead richer case debrief discussions with greater diversity of voices.