Webinar Highlights: Professors Share Perspectives On Case Study Innovation

Excerpts from the November 9 conversation between Breakout Learning CEO Ramit Varma, professors Dan Nathanson of UCLA Anderson and Rob Seamans of NYU Stern, and UCLA MBA student and TA Ziwei Li.

Over the course of an hour, the panelists discussed how AI is opening doors to innovate the case study method used in business schools for over a century. View the full-length recording here.




Engaging Scenarios and Peer-Led Discussions

Professor Nathanson describes a new case study format that better mirrors the real world by placing students into decision-making moments with multimedia and prompting student-led discussions moderated by AI.


AI Enables More Targeted Teaching

Nathanson mentions how the AI gives him visibility to student participation and comprehension and helps him tailor his lectures to make them more engaging and effective.


Fostering Student Engagement

Professor Seamans recounts how his students were able to test drive their ideas in a small-group setting before class, which enhanced their participation in his class discussions.


The Student and TA Perspective

MBA student and TA Ziwei Li shares how Breakout’s platform gives students more convenient and engaging group assignments and TA’s a more consistent and objective way to grade.


AI Assessment Process

Ramit Varma explains how Breakout’s grading rubrics are designed to measure a case study’s learning objectives and use Bloom’s taxonomy to assess students’ depth of understanding.


AI Assessment Accuracy

Professors and students agree on the high degree of accuracy with which Breakout Learning’s AI captures and reports on student small-group discussions. 


Returning Education to Inspiration from Explanation

Final words on how the new method shows AI can enhance professors’ work, not replace it, and help them teach better and inspire their students more.