Intuition v. Analytics

Solving the Hiring Puzzle

In this fictional case study, students are tasked with stepping into the role of a hiring manager at QuantumEd, a leading edtech company. The hiring manager, Samantha, must decide between two candidates, Kristen or Misha, for the critical position of Product Lead for Higher Education Technology. Kristen comes highly recommended by mutual acquaintances within the company, while Misha, with a strong background in instructional design at a university, was identified as a strong candidate by AI analytics. Samantha has a personal preference for Kristen, but this preference contradicts the data-driven recommendation. This case delves into the decision-making process of whether to trust the data or rely on personal intuition.

  • HR
  • Hiring
  • Bias
  • Data
  • Fictional
  • Human Resources Management

Learning Objectives

At the end of this experience, your students will be able to grasp, evaluate and articulate…

  1. the strengths and limitations of data-driven decision-making in the hiring process
  2. the role of personal judgment and intuition in the decision-making process
  3. strategies for mitigating bias while maintaining objectivity and fairness in decision-making

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