Custom Solutions

Built for Business (and so much more)

As Breakout launches in business schools, we are seeking faculty interested in partnering with us to design cases for our growing library. We are also ready to apply our model to other fields ranging from nursing and psychology to history and lab science.

Whatever the subject, Breakout’s format beats traditional learning in every way—from how students experience content, to how they are evaluated.


Traditional learning assigns long, unengaging texts.

Breakout Learning engages students with stories told through multimedia.

Critical Thinking And Assessment

Traditionally assigned homework is ineffective in a post-ChatGPT world.

Breakout Learning’s AI moderates and grades student discussions.

In-Class Experience

Traditional classroom instruction is often standardized.

Breakout Learning’s AI data enables customized and engaging lectures.

Create an Immersive Experience Designed to Teach and Measure Your Desired Learning Objectives